Time Flies


Time Flies - a family portrait session


Mel, Iris, and Zach joined me for this photo shoot to celebrate Iris’s first year around the sun. As a Denver photographer, I always find children quite intriguing. They have a very genuine interest in the world around them, and it’s not hard to make them laugh either.

I love capturing a moment of wonder and exploratoin in a toddle'r’s eyes as they take in the world around them. Having a child of my own, I know the eagerness to capture every milestone, every achievement with a camera, so I believe it an honor to be a part of those milestones for different families.

In case you haven’t spotted it yet, this was also a bit of a Harry Potter themed photo shoot. Mel and Zach are huge Harry Potter nerds (erm, fans), so it only makes sense that Iris will follow suit.

Themed shoots like this are always fun, especially with family photography, because you really get to know a person by their interests and what sort of whimsical, creative ideas they come up with for a photo session.


By the way, if you want some advice on how to get your kid into Harry Potter, I would suggest starting with The Illustrated Collection. It’s perfect for children and will be sure to get them lost in the world that you also spent hours reading about.

Or maybe you’d like to dress up your little one as well and book a shoot ASAP after seeing some of these shots (purchase costume here).

Before I digress too far, I’d just like to recap this photo shoot by saying it was one of my favorites so far. The Wheelers are a very loving family and made this family portrait photography session really enjoyable, and we created some great, lasting memories together. Before we know it, Iris will be graduating college.

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