Helping A Helping Hand


Helping A Helping Hand - A Denver Portrait Photography Session

Jeanine is a counselor, spiritual coach, and yoga instructor. When she stated this to me I knew providing her with some professional portraits was something I had to do. Being an albeit small cog in this wheel of kindness that Jeanine is spinning unto the world is an honor.

Portrait photography isn’t 100% what happens behind the camera. The subject of the photo helps tell a story too. They shape the image 10 times more than the post-processing decisions made by yours truly. Jeanine has a natural radiance that I think really shines through in these pictures. We were striving for an atmosphere of serenity and calmness for our Denver-based photo shoot, and luckily we found it.


You don’t need to leave the city to find beautiful, lush landscapes. We were in the heart of Denver at City Park for our portrait session. The large park — one that encapsulates the Denver Museum of Nature & Science — provides many advantageous areas for the looks we were going for. Jeanine requested that I capture some images of her meditating, and being that the park is so large, it was not hard to find a secluded area with beautiful, green trees for her to sit between.

Many Denver residents occupied the park on this hot summer day, but we were still able to capture a feeling of isolation, peace, and self-reflection. Portrait shoots are made easy when I connect with my clients, and there was no better example of that than with this session. Jeanine and I talked about our futures, our pasts, and software updates for cars. Time flew by, but the photos we got will live forever and, hopefully, assist Jeanine as she ventures forward down new and exciting paths with her work.


The world could use more people like Jeanine.

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