Note Taken - What is it?

In short, it’s a blog. It’s a blog directed at fans of metal music, a group of people who I feel I resonate the most with and have since my early high school days when I was first introduced to the genre. But this is also for people who want to know more about the genre, are wanting to take a dive into heavier music, and people who simply misunderstand the genre all tog. When I say the word metal, what does that make you think of? That could be a pretty large blanket statement, and mostly that’s what it is in this context. When I say metal, I mean heavy music.

Well, Cameron, that could mean a lot of things. I know. That’s the great thing about it. There’s a lot to discuss around the world of heavy music that I’ve thought about for the past few years, and I finally want to get these thoughts onto paper. I want to connect with other fans and also be a part of spreading this amazing, yet misunderstood, art form. I want to break the boundaries between ‘mainstream’ and heavy music, no matter the genre, be it metalcore, post-hardcore, hardcore, deathcore, doom metal … If these are unfamiliar terms to you, I put it on myself to distinguish the intricacies between these subgenres through this blog.

But who am I? And why should you listen to me or read this blog? Well, my name is Cameron. I’ve been listening to rock music essentially my whole life, and I’ve been listening to metal music for more than half of my life. Qualification one. I’ve also gone to a ton of concerts. I can remember my first one pretty vividly. It was to see Panic! At The Disco right after A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out was released back in 2005. Enter cliche statement about time flying here. Granted, P!ATD isn’t metal by any means, but they did jump start my love of live music. To reiterate, I’ve been to an extravagant amount of shows, ranging from small club shows to world-renowned festivals, (e.g. Warped Tour, Mayhem Festival), and there is nothing quite like a metal show. I’ve got a bucket full of stories, tips, and insights to share with all of you. Qualification two.


Did I mention I play guitar? Another long-lived passion of mine, I started playing guitar when I was 15. I was instantly hooked. I remember my first guitar that I played my first chords on, a Johnson strat, sold to me by my uncle along with a dinky, 15 watt Johnson amp (cue joke about playing with my Johnson.) The first song I learned to play on guitar was Aerials by System of a Down, a song I’m sure many of you are familiar with. But I digress. Being a musician myself, I believe I possess some unique and interesting perspectives on the world of music, from the behind the scenes stuff like recording and production, to the technical side of things from gear to music theory. Qualification three.

At this point you may be getting the hint that I’m a bit of a music nerd. That’s the whole point of this. That’s why I’m here, and probably why you’re here too. Let’s nerd out. If you yourself are part of this metal community, let’s band together (no pun intended) and share our love for this loud, epic, pulsating thing that we call metal. And if you’re not a metalhead and are just looking to read up on the community and the genre, you are welcome here too. I plan to break down some of the barriers and misconceptions that people have about metalheads and metal music throughout the course of this blog as well, so everybody can get something out of this.

What to expect

I consider myself an artist. Looking back, this is what made me pick up a guitar and fall in love with it in the first place. It’s what made me pick up a camera and start an Instagram page so that I should translate these images in my head for other people to see. It’s what inspired me to take what I see in my head after hearing certain lyrics and turn them into photographs. It’s what made me start filming album reviews because I didn’t see a whole lot of people talking about the albums I was listening to. It’s what made me start teaching myself video editing using the Adobe Creative Suite. It’s what made me realize that I actually really love writing and spilling my thoughts onto the page.

So this ‘journey’ will consist of all of this. Some of the foundation has already been laid out, and this is another ‘tower’ I guess you could call it that I am adding to the structure that is my ‘online presence’. Boy I never would have thought I’d come around to using that word in this blog, but there you go. So, if this blog is the first you’re seeing from me, welcome. You’re in a good place. In this blog you’ll find posts spanning the topics of concerts tips and tricks to misconceptions about metal to guitar basics to album reviews to potential future interviews of people within the industry. I’m aiming big. I’m doubling down on my love for music, because nothing else has made me feel quite as fulfilled as music has.

If you follow me around the web, also expect to see photographs. Photography is another passion of mine. To get some insight into my mind, check out my Instagram portfolio or specifically search the hashtag #lyric2photo to peruse my interpretations of lyrics that I find profound and thought provoking. If you continue searching for me online, you’ll find my Youtube channel. I mentioned album reviews a few seconds ago. In January of 2017, I began posting album reviews to Youtube, and though each video was a time-consuming, sometimes hair-pulling, process, I loved every second of it and I hope to post more in the coming months. Also on my Youtube channel you will find guitar covers. Another thing for which I don't have a lot of time, but I’m hoping to change that soon. There’s a good chunk of videos there to keep you occupied for a bit. Then, you can come back and read another post or two.

If you’re interested in checking out past writing of mine as it pertains to music, I did also write for a small online publication, Behind The Scene, which you can browse to get a taste of what my album/concert reviews will look like.

Lastly, you can expect coffee tidbits. Woah, that was out of left field. Coffee isn’t going to be a huge part of this blog, at least to start with, so I didn’t think it necessary to focus a whole lot on this topic, but boy, I do love coffee. So much so that I think I could write fluidly about it, about drinking coffee black, home brewing tips and methods, different roasteries around the U.S., you name it. Not to mention I picked the name Note Taken to encapsulate both coffee and music, so expect at least some influence to be drawn from the coffee world as well when reading on this site.

Through these various outlets I want to connect with you guys. I want to make you think, and I want you to make me think too. Music is highly subjective, and therefore one of the most talked about subjects on the planet, but I want to dig deeper and unveil the heavy music scene for what it truly can be. I have too many thoughts swirling around in my head right now to spill into one blog post, but rest assured they will be available soon. Remember to like this blog post, subscribe for more, and leave a comment about what you guys want to read about next. Make sure to read up on why ear plugs at concerts are a necessity, and book a session for some great Denver-based photography. Thanks, guys.