5 Reasons Why I Should Not Be Blogging

Forget the rains down in Africa. How about the coffee down in Africa? Right now, I’m sipping on my third … fourth? cup of coffee originating in the Guji Uraga region of Ethiopia. It’s not a naturally processed bean, but it is still quite fantastic, especially when brewed using the Japanese Iced Coffee method through my chemex. With caffeine now shooting through my veins, I finally sit down to type, beginning my journey. 

If this is your first foray into my blog, the first thing you should know is that I am a music addict. That’s what this is, a place for me to spill my thoughts about this art form that I just can’t shut up about or live without. Specifically, I’m a metalhead. There’s probably a blog post crowd surfing around here that you can read that goes a bit deeper into who I am and what this is if you want to get caught up to speed. But really, all you need to know is that I love music, coffee, and I’m a metal head. Read on. 

1. I’m not a journalist.

Does the everyday music lover just wake up one morning and decide to blog? Perhaps not normally, but this idea did hit me harder than a hardcore kid’s swinging elbows in the middle of a pit at a metal show. If you don’t understand that reference, don’t worry. Stick around long enough and you’ll learn some of the basics of the ‘scene’ I consider myself a part of.

Anyway, back to me not being a journalist. I’m not a journalist. I do love writing though. In the music realm, I have written some album reviews for a small online publication and do write scripts for album reviews that go up on my Youtube channel from time to time. So, maybe I’m not a journalist by training or by experience, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t have a little blogger inside of me just waiting to claw its way out. Setting a limitation of being a journalist in order to blog would be like saying you have to be a film professional to be on Youtube or a professional photographer to have an Instagram account. It’s just not true. 

2. I don’t have a huge following.

What’s the point of me writing about music when I don't have millions of followers on Instagram or 20,000 ‘friends’ on Facebook? Two reasons: one, I’m passionate about music. Well, everybody loves music, right? No, dude. I dig deep into music. Being a musician helps me tap into little intricacies and styles behind music. Studying audio production makes me want to delve into every little detail behind the scenes of making a song or album. I just can’t get enough of the ins and outs of the subject. I’m addicted.

Also, I’ve realized lately that my ‘community’ on Instagram is not comprised primarily of people I would hang out with in real life. Or they’re bots. I open up the IG app every day and within five minutes I’m annoyed and frustrated by what I see in my feed and it dampens my day. I post to my Stories using the music sticker that I complained about not having for months, and very few people comment about how that new tasty breakdown slapped them in the face as soon as they heard it too. Part of me sadly thinks they may not understand what a breakdown is in the context of metal music. But part of my goal with this blog will be to break those barriers and help (make) them understand.

So, what better way to start growing a true, dedicated community surrounding the things that I love than to display my mostly unfiltered thoughts and opinions and frustrations and insights on paper? Also, cliche as it may sound, everybody had to start somewhere, right? 

3. There are a million blogs out there.

But there aren’t a million me’s out there. If we all had that state of mind, what would be the point of starting anything? There are millions of businesses in the world already, so what’s the point of starting a new one? There are a million restaurants in the world, but you best believe I’m going to the grand opening of that new wing place opening up next week down the street. I will be first in line. Hell, let’s make this more relatable. There are how many bands/songs in the world? And millions of new ones are still being created every year.

Adding some fresh air to the metal blogging community is all I’m aiming to do, and I’m not worrying about others who may be in the way at this point. In my view it’s not a competitive landscape but potentially a successfully collaborative one. 

4. Metal isn’t ‘mainstream’.

Circling back to this point about appealing to the masses, who gives a F#$!? First off, when people tell me this, I bring up bands such as Metallica and Iron Maiden, and even modern day metal bands such as I Prevail and A Day To Remember. People know who these hands are, partly due to being around so long, but also because modern day metal is being meshed with so many genres that it’s become completely accessible to the masses. Need a metal song with EDM elements in it? We got you. Need a metal song that’s oozing with R&B vibes? We got you. Metal has become a buffet of a genre if you will, with bands creatively infusing sheer brutality with ‘mainstream’ sprinkles in unbelievable ways. It’s time to give metal a second chance.

5. It’s almost midnight.

I can’t keep track of how much coffee I’ve had today/tonight, and yet my eyes grow heavy, (My Eyes Grow Heavy is my favorite Skillet song). ←--- those jokes will land soon, I promise. In true contrast to the rockstar lifestyle that so many of my idols live and the concert going experiences that I've endured so far I think it’s time to sleep. It was probably time to sleep about an hour ago. Oh well. I’ve never been one to favor sleep over much else anyway. As metal outfit Bring Me The Horizon puts it, “Sleep is for the weak.”  

Questions? Leave me a comment if there’s something else you want to know about why I shouldn’t be blogging but obviously am going to continue to blog anyway. Find me on Twitter, @camnez1, give me a follow, and let’s get some discussion going. Tweet me the most ridiculous metalhead misconceptions you’ve heard recently, and I’m sure they’ll get featured in a post sometime soon. Find me across most other social media platforms using that @camnez1 handle, and check back next week for some more content. Thanks, guys.