Most Anticipated Albums Of 2019 (Still to Come)

How does one stop the coffee empire that is Starbucks from making a couple bucks a month? You marry a kickass gal willing to look up how to make your favorite drink who perfects the recipe and satiates your unjustified copious appetite for caffeine-injected bean juice. Sticking it to the man four dollars at a time. Take that, corporate.

Last week, I posted about some kickass 2019 music that’s come out so far. If you haven’t read it yet, click here, and then come back to see what else you have to look forward to. 2019 has already been a super crazy year for heavy music thus far. Wonder why we’re being so spoiled? Let’s not question too much and just let the light of the metal gods rain down on us. So, what’s still to come?

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Starset is a “concept” band currently with two full-length releases, Transmissions and Vessels (which are kick-ass albums by the way). Their third full-length — currently untitled — is set to drop on September 13th, and they are promoting the hell out of this thing. I feel like I’ve been seeing ads for it everywhere, so I hope they get a lot of exposure with this thing, although they already have radio singles and a decent amount of success so far.

Frontman Dustin Bates is one of the best writers in the rock scene today, bringing us a plethora of space-themed tunes that are sure to make you feel like you’re in the vastness of space. Aside from a concert mishap last year, Starset has really done no wrong in my eyes, so let’s see if they carry on this trend.


As I Lay Dying

Oh boy, the history of AILD could be a huge blog post in and of itself, but I’ll try to keep this short and sweet. Long story short, frontman Tim Lambesis went to jail for attempting to have his wife murder (yeah, long story), and seemingly the band was donezo. The rest of the band even went on to create a whole new group called Wovenwar. 

However, once Tim got out of prison, he rallied the guys together, and they released the single “My Own Grave” in June of 2018. And it was godly.

With the band releasing one of their best tracks ever, people were wondering. Is the band returning? Is there a new album in the works? Is Tim Lambesis a changed man? The answers turned out to be yes, yes, and yes. 

Tim seems to have shown massive improvement in his character and demeanor since those events years ago, now having the backing of the metal community behind him once again. Jake Luhrs even did a guest spot on their other release from Shaped By Fire, “Redefined”.

I don’t know about you, but I think Jake is a pretty stand-up dude, so seeing that he supports Tim this much is a very good sign.

Whether the band initially set out to come back full force or not, it was undeniable that people wanted it. Their first show back sold out in four minutes. FOUR MINUTES. And their first full tour back had several sold out dates as well. It’s obvious the boys are back, but let’s see what they do with a full length this time around.

Fit For An Autopsy

If you’re looking for environment-friendly deathcore, these are the dudes you should call. With their release in 2017, The Great Collapse, the sextet had a pretty clear message they were screaming out to the world: We’re screwing over our environment. Check out songs like Hydra and Heads Will Hang to get yourself acquainted and then painstakingly wait until October 25th to hear The Sea of Tragic Beasts. Hot damn that album title has me excited.


Towards the end of 2018, The Devil Wears Prada signed to Solid State Records, a damn fine move if you ask me. Vocalist Mike Hranica said they are planning on releasing something this year. The band has been met with mixed feelings from fans on their change in sound over the past couple of albums, but I personally have been a huge fan. Transit Blues was one of my favorite albums of 2016. These metalcore veterans have me wondering what their next outing is going to sound like, but one can hope that they really harness the new sound they’ve grown into while also bringing back some of those older TDWP vibes. 


I discovered this French progressive metal band in 2017 with their album, Noir. These dudes go hard as they inject jazz into their metal structure, even throwing saxophone surprises into the mix at times. It’s a risky and refreshing sound, but I am all about it and can’t wait for the release date to be announced.


Gideon has stripped away their Christianity label, which is a unique situation that I haven’t seen often. Sometimes bands gradually lose the label over time but don’t really explicitly say that it’s not part of their identity anymore until years down the line. The band released their new track “Take Me”, and boy does it slam. Very promising with the hardcore roots of the band really shining through. Keep a lookout for Out of Control, releasing on October 11th.

Wage War

In 2015, Wage War came out of left field with one of the best releases of the past decade in Blueprints. That album is a banger all the way through. Unfortunately, I can’t say I felt the same about Deadweight, their second album that was released in 2017.

Honestly, the band may have come too strongly out the gate in 2015 and made TOO good of an album for what they’re capable of. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not shitting on the band. They put on a raging live show. I guess it just sucks that they set such high of a bar for themselves right away.

Four singles — Low, Prison, Me Against Myself, and Who I Am — have been released so far, and I’m in the middle as far as how I think about the album so far, but I’m hopeful. The new album, Pressure, releases on August 30th.


Hey, a man can dream right? After A Day To Remember’s collab with EDM producer, Marshmello, my need for new music from the band out of Florida was only heightened about 10 fold. These guys need to announce something soon. Please.

That’s it for my current anticipated albums for the rest of 2019, guys. I’m sure I missed some, but hey, I’m only human. If you’re on the lookout for some tasty 2019 music, check out my post listing my favorite albums of the year so far, drop some likes, leave some comments, and I’ll catch you in the next post. What should we talk about?

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Prime subscriber? Check out Amazon Music Unlimited. Free versions available for Prime members and Spotify/Apple music alternative paid plans available after your free trial. Sign up on Amazon.